When Migos and thirteen members of their entourage got arrested in April during a concert at Georgia Southern, the person who got the shaft more than anyone by far was Offset. After being held in Bulloch County jail for eight months, he was finally granted bail on December 4th. This week, he sat down with WSB-TV Atlanta in his first interview since being released to discuss his plea deal and the time he spent locked up.

Offset was initially hit with a variety of weapons and drug charges, and later for battery and riot charges after he allegedly kicked a fellow inmate in May. In an agreement known as an Alford plea, Offset pled guilt to the riot charges without actually admitting to the crime in exchange for all other charges being dropped.

“If I didn’t take the plea, then it wouldn’t be handled and I would be sitting in jail right now,” Offset told WSBTV.

Offset received five years of probation, a $1,000 fine plus surcharges, and was banned from the Ogeechee circuit, which comprises of several counties in Georgia. 

“That’s something like if a terrorist come over here or something,” said Offset on being banned. “We went there to do a show.”

Offset credits his mom and the Bible with helping him make it through his time in jail,. He found particular inspiration in the Book of Solomon.

"Maybe my eyes weren't open for the bigger picture," he reflected. "Because I wasn't talking to God. To see what answers he would give me. I probably needed a little makeup work done on my character... I had to sit down to see my opportunity so I can take advantage of it to the most that I can.”

Watch the full interview below.