This year has been a prosperous one for Offset, who kicked things off with the release of his underrated Father Of 4 album. Perhaps as the result of an overwhelming 2018 Migos overdose, Offset's debut album seemed to fly under the radar, being received with mixed reviews and lukewarm audience response. Still, time has been kind to the project, which finds Offset at his most lyrically focused and mature as we've ever seen him. Clearly, people are still showing love to the Migos lyricist, who has long cemented himself among the game's most consistent flexers. 

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Today, Offset took a moment to slide through with the rare inspirational flex. Showing off his brand new Ferrari, the spoils of a Grammy-nomination well earned, Offset reflected on his own "rags to riches" story, channeling Shia Laboef with some serious "don't let your dreams be dreams" type energy. "MY JUDGE WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BECOME THE MAN I AM!!!" writes Offset, sitting atop his latest whip. "Long story short nobody knows your destiny but you!!!"

Congratulations to Offset for taking control of his life in a major way, and may those feeling down find inspiration in the truth of his words. Essentially, do what you want to do and be the change you want to see. Maybe you'll find yourself sitting atop your own luxury car one day.