On the eve of his upcoming Father Of 4, Offset has opened in an extensive Esquire feature story. Generally seen as a man of few words, it's interesting to see how candid he is in this latest interview. When speaking about his relationship with Cardi B, he continues to play things close to the chest. "It’s been good," he says. "We’re being more open to each other, raising our baby and taking things slowly.”

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

He also opens up about his upcoming project Father Of 4, which certainly looks to be an intimate examination of his story thus far. "I cried to myself while I was doing this album ’cause I was talking about my story and my kids,” he admits. "When I did a song, I started getting memories of my grandma, my struggles, my partner that was killed, the thoughts I had while I was incarcerated, and my kids’ faces were there in my head. I love my kids, this is who I do it for.” Apparently, the album was so powerful, it brought Cardi to tears. 

It's also revealed that Offset's initial day was not due to personal drama, but rather "fourth quarter recording" by him and Metro. He also reveals that the project will be an approximated fourteen songs, with no listed features; expect some appearances nevertheless. At its core, however, Father Of Four looks to be a compelling look into Offset's journey as both an artist and a man. “Fu*k all that stream shit because I don't do music for money. It's my heart," he says. "This is what I believe in. It's my creativity and I do it for the people.”

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