Things didn't go quite as planned for the Cleveland Browns in their Week 1 home-opener. In fact, it was a total disaster. 

The Browns were spanked by the Tennessee Titans by the final of 43-13 on Sunday, and this week must feel like an eternity as they anxiously await their Monday night kickoff.

Ahead of their nationally-televised Week 2 showdown against the New York Jets, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. spoke candidly about Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, and how he'll be preparing for "cheap shots" and "dirty hits" from the Jets defense. 

"Just gotta watch out for the cheap shots and the dirty hits, and all the things that he likes to teach. That's pretty much all we gotta watch out for."

Beckham's issues with Williams stem from a 2017 pre-season game, when Williams was still with the Cleveland Browns. Beckham suffered an ankle injury during that game (and later broke that same ankle in Week 5) and he claims that several Browns players told him Williams instructed the defense to "take him out." 

“It’s preseason. It’s like a known rule, in preseason nobody in the NFL’s really out to do stuff like that,” Beckham told reporters on Thursday. “I had players on this team telling me that that’s what he was telling them to do, take me out of the game, and it’s preseason. So you just know who he is. That’s the man calling the plays.”

Williams does have a history of encouraging his players to be extra nasty out on the field. He was suspended for the 2012 season as a result of the "Bountygate" scandal, in which the NFL determined Williams rallied New Orleans Saints players to go out and hurt their opponents.