Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has never been afraid to express himself or speak his mind, whether he's on the field, on the sidelines or on the gram. The latest example of this, came through the latter.

OBJ recently had it out with some trolls on instagram after they came at him about his sexuality and his relationship with IG model, Lauren 'LoLo' Wood. Apparently, some people have taken issue with the fact that OBJ is reportedly dating Wood, as evidenced by the responses to a comment he left on one of her recent posts.

One commenter replied to Beckham, "thought you liked dudes." A number of women also compared OBJ to other black men who strictly date white women, which prompted the following response from the 26-year old Pro Bowler:

"alllllllottt of the women in these comments whose hating (no disrespect at all) I wouldn't holla at y'all if a bet was on the line. Stop it I'm very appreciative for women being placed on this Earth... I rallly really mean that, but some of y'all commenting is hitttt"

Check out OBJ's comments, as well as some additional photos of his new girlfriend, in the posts embedded below.