No Malice has consistently denied rumors that he's making another Clipse album with his brother Pusha T, but he did release a solo album in 2013 called Hear Ye Him. In a new interview with XXL, he mentioned that he plans to drop another solo album this summer.

"I plan on releasing [an album] this summer," he said. "Let the Dead Bury the Dead is the title. Yeah, it’s going to be hard. I’m working with a few cats right now, but I got some tricks in my pocket. I’m going to wait before I disclose that."

No Malice has expressed many misgivings about the music industry over the years. He told XXL that what he perceives to be a lack of quality in hip hop inspired him to get back in the booth.

"I think my motivation now to rap is the fact that I’m not impressed by anything that I’m hearing now," he said, "I mean, I don’t know how you can step out of the rap game like I have and come back to it and nothing to me has really changed. As far as rap goes, there are only a handful of lyricists that I appreciate it for being lyricists. A lot of rap to me seems like it’s a bunch of weirdos, you know?"

Check out No Malice's new track "Best Believe It"... still got the juice.