Misunderstanding has long been a comedic tool, dating back to the days of Shakespeare's The Comedy Of Errors, but sometimes, it can yield positive musical results. Such is life for the West Coast icon Nipsey Hussle, who has been steady building hype for his upcoming Victory Lap project. Never one to rest on his laurels, Nipsey recently announced that his Kendrick Lamar collaboration, titled "Dedication", will be premiering today at approximately noon, Eastern Time.

Now, Nipsey has shared a little bit of behind-the-scenes intel on the track, revealing that the track originally came to be via a misunderstanding of sorts. Apparently, Nipsey was under the impression that Kendrick was writing for the "Keys To The City" record, when in reality, his producer Axel Foley had other plans. "He just snuck the record to Kendrick," says Nipsey, referring to Foley's dastardly maneuvering. However, it seems as if the move paid dividends.

"I saw Kendrick at the 2pac movie premiere," says Nipsey. "He was like yeah bro, expect the record back soon, I laid something to it. I was like, yeah the "Keys To The City Record?" and he was like 'nah "Dedication." At first, Nipsey seemed a little perturbed that his team went behind his back, but his tune soon changed upon hearing K.Dot's vocals. "When I heard the verse, I was really inspired. I felt like he killed it. He actually talked about something that happened the night of the Pac premiere...He's talking about me, Snoop Dogg, Top Dawg and himself...We had a conversation for L.A. street shit, and how the time might be right right now for us to really try to use our influence to evolve how we exist."