According to various reports online & TMZ, Nipsey Hussle spent the night in jail Monday night after his car was parked illegally in a handicapped space. However, the kicker is that Nipsey apparently had some outstanding warrants on his record, which was the real reason for his arrest.

LAPD reportedly caught the West Coast rapper around 9 PM Monday when officers spotted his car illegally parked in a handicapped space. When they ran the plates, the police discovered Nipsey had warrants for previous traffic violations, resulting in him being picked up.

However, Nipsey didn’t make much out of the arrest. He was back in the studio at 5 AM Tuesday morning after being bailed out on "some bulls**t" as he said. He continued by claiming that this won’t deter him from future success. “Y’all can’t knock my vibe right now,” he said. “Y’all can’t take my inspiration at all. It’s not gonna happen.”

Nipsey did have a little message for the police though that brought him in, before thanking his buddies who bailed him out. “Fucc LAPD y'all can't stop GOD!!!! And S/O My bro @akilthehunter and @365bailbonds for getting me out like a boss in no time,” his caption read.

Check out Nipsey’s message from yesterday morning (below) and be on the look out for upcoming new music to be coming soon. If you happen to be in the Crenshaw neighborhood, be sure to also check out his newly-opened clothing store, The Marathon, while you’re at it.