The Nintendo Switch game Super Smash Bros Ultimate is under fire for a racist depiction of Amercian Indigenous people. The controversy centres around the "retro" character of Mr. Game & Watch, who has an attack that references a 1982 game called "Fire Attack" where the player, as a cowboy, defends a hut against attackers who are caricatures of Native Americans. Nintendo faced criticism on the internet:

After seeing the criticism, Nintendo has pledged to update the game and remove the feather from Game & Watch's head. Eurogamer quotes Nintendo's response to the controversy:

Nintendo has been planning to distribute an update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that removes the feather from the silhouette of Mr. Game & Watch. The original game on which this depiction of the character is based was released more than three decades ago and does not represent our company values today. We sincerely apologise that this change was not noticed in our marketing material and are continuing our work to make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate an experience that is both welcoming and fun for everyone.

Watch a trailer for the game, which comes out December 7th, below: