When it comes to self-lacing shoes, Nike has been at the forefront of that technology. Of course, sneaker and movie nerds will remember the Nike MAG from Back to the Future which was the first shoe to make us think that auto-lacing shoes could actually someday exist. Then, a few years ago, Nike released the Hyper Adapt which was an auto-lacing basketball shoe. While its price tag was a little hefty for the average consumer, there was clearly some potential there. Now, in 2019, we have the Nike Adapt BB which is half the price of the original Hyper Adapt and allows users to tie their shoes with an app.

With Nike establishing itself as not just a footwear company but a tech company as well, the brand is now looking to trademark the word "footware," according to The Fashion LawThe word is a hybrid between "footwear" and "softwear" and would be used to describe any Nike shoe that contains the same technology found in the Adapt BB.

Image via Nike

More specifically, the word would be used to describe sneakers with "computer hardware modules for receiving, processing, and transmitting data in Internet of things electronic devices; electronic devices and computer software that allow users to remotely interact with other smart devices for monitoring and controlling automated systems."

What do you think about Nike's recent tactic?