Nike has been at the forefront of sneaker technology, especially when it comes to the idea of auto-lacing sneakers. Now, of course, Nike's first self-lacing sneaker was the Hyper Adapt and on February 17th, the Beaverton brand released the Nike Adapt BB, the latest iteration in their line of technologically advanced shoes. One of the features that make this shoe so interesting, is that both the left and right shoes can be tightened and loosened through a special app that is available for iOs and Android. Unfortunately, an update to the Android app has reportedly made the shoes not work anymore for some.

Some have tried to do a hard reset of the app which has actually worked in some cases but not all. There are buttons found on the shoes themselves which allows you to make adjustments, so the app isn't always necessary. Although, not being able to use the app takes away from one of the biggest draws of the sneaker.

So far Nike has yet to develop a patch for the error and has not commented on the situation. 

Other sneaker brands are looking to out-do Nike with the self-lacing sneaker trend as Puma has their own auto-lacing shoe on the way in 2020.