Nike and Kevin Durant have announced the third installment of the KD Signature Eyewear Collection, which will feature three unisex adult styles as well as three children's styles.

Drawing on inspiration from Durant's signature sneaker and apparel line, the colorways, patterns and designs applied to the eyeglasses have all reportedly been seen on KDs of old.

Additionally, Nike Vision will also be releasing 35 limited edition sets, as a nod to Durant's jersey number. These Limited edition sets will feature the 36KD and 37KD styles each in an exclusive color, and numbered from one to 35 along with a card of authenticity.

The adult styles range in price from $275-$300, while kids styles will go for $197. Check out Nike's Store Locator to see which shops in your area will have the eyeglasses in stock.

You can also to enter to win the KD Signature Eyewear Collection, see details below.