Ariana Grande has enough hits to carry this the half time show for this Sunday's NBA All-Star game on her own, but nowadays, audiences expect at least one surprise guest in any high profile performance. We saw Katy Perry bring Missy Elliott out of retirement at her Super Bowl performance earlier this month, and it appears Grande will also be reaching into the world of hip hop for her guest.

The NBA posted a hint about Grande's mystery collaborator on Instagram today, sharing an image of a familiar pink microphone. If you've paid attention to Nicki Minaj's live performances, you may have noticed her tendency to favor mics of the pink persuasion, and seeing that the two have performed "Bang Bang" countless times already (many of which on televised broadcasts), Ariana's guest doesn't seem to be too much of a mystery anymore.

Here's hoping that Minaj gets the chance to do some solo material on top of her "Bang Bang" feature. Check out the Instagram post below.