Diesel recently released its Autumn/Winter 2018, "Haute Couture" campaign, and have called upon some of the most polarizing names in the entertainment industry to further their anti-cyberbullying message. 

The cast of the campaign's advertising campaign includes Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane, Bella Thorne, Yoo Ah-In, Miles Heizer and Tommy Dorfman. The creatives are clad in custom-made clothing embellished with derogatory terms or comments used to refer to them on social media by haters. In the video, Nicki's jacket reads “The Bad Guy," Bella's shirt reads "Slut," while Gucci flashes a smile in a “Fuck You, Impostor” shirt. Founder of the iconic brand Renzo Rose shared the vision behind the pieces saying, “We wanted to create this controversial irony with our clothes. It’s the way we have to communicate today. We have to do it with our lifestyle and irony.”

It is not the first time the brand, reaching its 40th anniversary this year, has dared to be different. Throughout its history, it has created innovative and tongue-in-cheek campaigns addressing issues of race, religion, sexuality, and politics. Examples include a campaign in which a black man dove into a "whites only" pool in Apartheid South Africa, and two male sailors sharing a kiss in celebration of the end of the Second World War. 

The pieces advertised in the campaign will be sold in select Diesel locations and online. Shoppers will have the chance to create individually inspired, custom pieces starting October 6th. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to support anti-bullying programmes.