Nicki Minaj is no doubt successful, having kept up her lane in the music realm for over a decade. Still, this year has been bittersweet for the star. Her highly-anticipated studio album Queen debuted at no. 2 on Billboard, much to her dismay. Now, the artist has been completely dismissed from being acknowledged for her work during the Grammy Awards. Nicki has failed to snag a single nomination despite having submitted her candidature in several categories.

Social media users are having a great time pointing out the flagrant snub. Some seemed upset while others celebrated. Many are attributing the situation to the drama that followed the release of her last album.

One naysayer went as far as suggesting a change of lane for the performing artist: "It's time for Nicki to hang up the mic and pick up the turntables so she can dj on her radio show because that's all she's good for now. The Grammys just confirmed it."

Another Twitter user pointed out an ironic scenario that might actually be likely, writing, "Bradley Cooper is gonna win a Grammy before Nicki Minaj"

Check out some of the pettiness below.