Kanye West and Nick Cannon got into it over social media last week after 'Ye sent a warning to the Wild N Out creator, Drake and Tyson Beckford over mentioning his wife's name. The "beef" with Nick Cannon was short-lived and the two end up resolving their issues with a phone call. However, that doesn't mean that Nick Cannon won't roast Kanye. In a recent freestyle, Cannon made it clear that regardless of their resolution, he won't allow anyone to tell him what he can and can't say.

As HHNM pointed out, Nick Cannon hit up Big Boy's Neighborhood where he ended up doing a flash card freestyle. While Kanye's "Clique" beat played, Nick Cannon was asked to freestyle about the Yeezy Don. Although he kicks things off on a positive note, he does address his recent feud with Kanye West.

"That's my dawg, that's my team/ Kanye make the whole world scream/ But he tried to control what I had to say/ I said no way, Yeezy, not today/ We could talk about Kim K or the KKK/ Either way I'ma get up and say what I gotta say," he rapped before addressing Kanye's claim that he's a God and his support of Donald Trump. "No MAGA hats/ Matter fact, you could fit it to the back/ 'Cause I'm never reppin' that set, never reppin' that squad/ Never reppin' what you said, dawg you really not a God."

Ultimately, Nick concludes it by letting everyone know that he and Kanye West are on good terms.

Peep the freestyle below.