Marvel Studios has hired a creative to helm the director's chair for Captain Marvel 2. It's been announced today (August 5) that filmmaker Nia DaCosta will direct the anticipated Captain Marvel 2. If the New York native's name sounds familiar it's because she also directed the forthcoming creepy Candyman remake, co-written by Jordan Peele, and is also responsible for working behind the camera on a few episodes of Top Boy

Nia DaCosta, Captain Marvel 2, Candyman
JC Olivera / Stringer / Getty Images

The previous installment of Captain America was a blockbuster sensation as it amassed over $1 billion worldwide, so Nia DaCosta will have big shoes to fill. The rising filmmaker is slated as being the next coveted director in Hollywood, and it's reported that she is the first Black woman to ever act as a director of a Marvel feature of this caliber. 

According to reports, Captain Marvel 2 is slated to open on July 8, 2022, however, there isn't much news about how filming will move forward amid our current COVID-19 climate. Film and television productions have adjusted to the pandemic's quarantine and social distancing mandates, so it will be interesting to learn how major studios will get back into the swing of things.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for Candyman's release this October.