Neymar Might Be The Worst Baseball Player Ever

Kyle Rooney
June 01, 2016 10:44

Neymar is worse with a bat than MJ.

Neymar just didn't want to scuff up his new "Neymar" Air Jordan 5s when he was in the batting cages at Citi Field last night, right? That's the only possible explanation for such a ridiculous swing from such an amazing athlete.

He's making Michael Jordan look like Mickey Mantle on the diamond.

Truth be told though, when you can do the type of things that Neymar can do on the pitch* AND Jordan Brand is giving you your own collection, you can swing a bat like a grandma and airball 20 layups in a row and nobody can tell you sh*t.

*These are the things that cancel out Neymar's atrocious batting performance:

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