The Cleveland Cavaliers are heading back home down 0-2 in the NBA Finals following last night's 122-103 loss to the Warriors at Oracle Arena and the heart-breaking defeat in Game 1 on Thursday night.

By now, you've all seen the videos, still shots and memes of LeBron's frustration with JR Smith's Game 1 blunder, but today new footage has surfaced that shows what went down on the bench in between the end of the fourth quarter and overtime. For the most part, LeBron didn't say a word as he sat in silence a seat away from Smith - who had apparently forgotten the score in the final seconds.

At the 1:35 mark in the video embedded below, LeBron can be seen asking head coach Tyronn Lue, "we didn't have no timeouts?" When LeBron was informed that the Cavs did, in fact, have a timeout to burn, you can pinpoint the exact moment that his soul leaves his body.

Check out the footage: