Netflix is hoping to cash in on the success of Black Mirror:Bandersnatch by making more interactive content in the future. Their Chief Product Officer, Greg Peters said, addressing investors in a webcast, “you should anticipate we’ll do more of those as we start to explore that format.” Another Chief Officer, this time of Content, Ted Sarando, predicted the success of the format: “we’ve got a hunch that [the interactive format] works across all kinds of storytelling and some of the greatest storytellers in the world are excited to dig into it.”

Netflix is probably trying to gain business from where they lose it most: to videogames. In their quarterly earnings report, they described the difficulty of trying to corner a market:“there are thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented market vying to entertain consumers and low barriers to entry for those great experiences.” In other words, there are things like Fortnite, a very different experience from Netlfix and completely free to play. In fact, Netflix admits that they ""compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO."

Unless Netflix wants to get into video game development (which doesn't seem that out of the question), Bandersnatch and other interactive "events" like it may be the way forward.