The rumor mill is churning overtime after Nelly’s tour bus was pulled over and ten pounds of marijuana plus baggies of heroin, and a hand gun were discovered by authorities.  One of the men in Nelly’s entourage said on site that the drugs were his, and he was arrested and Nelly and the rest of his crew were let go.  Now Nelly calls into V103, and give his detail of what happened, and explain how he was completely unaware of the drugs on his bus. 

Describing how it all went down with the police coming aboard the bus, Nelly says, “Everything just happened so fast,” and thought at the time, “is this really happening ya’ll?”  Since this is an on-going case, the St. Louis rapper could not give all the details, but says, “Certain stuff we can say, certain stuff we can’t say,” adds, “Got pulled over, things were far as K9 ability...and things kinda went from there, in stages.”

The Pimp Juice founder, says people draw on negative aspects of his past to implicate him, “I tell you who it ain’t [regarding whose drugs they were]...Certain things people want to look into my past and wanna take out of it...we’ve all come from certain areas and certain situations to where we do things and we regret doing them.”

Nelly was adamant that he would not foolishly risk his career, and feels that, coupled with the details released by police, should be evidence enough that the weed and heroin were not his, “There’s no way that I would jeopardize everything Nelly has built over the past fourteen, fifteen years...for the situation I was accused.”  Simply adding, “If you read what was put out, the situation explains itself.”