Many rappers have been busted for marijuana possession in recent months, and most have been given a small fine or a slap on the wrist.  Nelly’s tour bus was searched yesterday when a canine detected the presence of narcotics, and it was a lot more than just a few baggies of weed.

TMZ reports, that authorities were searching the St. Louis rapper’s tour bus at a border check point in Sierra Blanca when a police dog alerted them to drugs being on board.  Cops found a walloping ten pounds of weed – which was described as roughly the size of a large pillow – in a duffel bag, and then found thirty six baggies of heroin that totalled .64 ounces.   On top of the narcotics, police found a .45 caliber pistol on board. 

Everyone riding on the bus at the time was detained during the search, and when the drugs and gun were found out a man in the entourage, Brian Keith Jones, owned up to the gun and all the drugs being his.  He was promptly placed under arrest as Nelly and the remainder of his crew were released.