North Carolina lawmakers have voted to undo the controversial HB2 aka the "bathroom bill" amid pressure from the NCAA which threatened to take away more sporting events in the state.

The NCAA refused to let North Carolina host college championship games through 2022 unless changes were made to the law today.


"This is a significant compromise from all sides on an issue that has been discussed and discussed and discussed in North Carolina for a long period of time,'' Senate leader Phil Berger said. "It is something that I think satisfies some people, dissatisfied some people, but I think it's a good thing for North Carolina.''

"We are impeding the growth in our revenue, in our ability to do more things for tourism, for teacher pay, while we have this stigma hanging over,'' Republican rep Scott Stone said. "The time has come for us to get out from under the national spotlight for negative things. You can't go anywhere on this planet without somebody knowing what is HB2 and having some perception about it.''

The new measure will reportedly eliminate the rule on transgender bathroom use, leaving state legislators, not local government or school officials, in charge of policy on public restrooms.