While performing a show in Houston, NBA YougnBoy faced the consequences of being too close for comfort with fans when his ring was allegedly stolen in the midst of the show.

Friday night (April 19), the Baton Rouge rapper hit the Ayva Center in the southern city and new footage has surfaced of him onstage, demanding that his $10,000 piece of jewelry be returned to him. In the clip, YoungBoy delivers on that signature stare of his as attempts to get the culprit to cough up the ring.

"Stop moving," he says. "One of these little bitches right here got my, aye, they got my ring, Montana. Get my ring." After nothing happens, he begins to yell toward a particular section. "Stop all that fucking moving. If you right here stop moving. I ain't playing."

Toward the end, it appears all hope is lost for the ring and NBA YoungBoy calms the crowd down after such an intense moment.

 "You trying to provoke me. I'm a million-dollar nigga. That's a $10,000 ring," he says to the crowd. "Like I said, I'm here for y'all. It's good. I ain't even tripping. It ain't gotta be all that."

Given NBA YoungBoy's propensity to get more violent when faced with the idea of having his belongings stolen, he handled this one relatively well.