Sports leagues throughout the world are slowly but surely making their way back to normalcy, and the NBA just so happens to be one of those organizations. They are preparing to restart play in Orlando, Florida, despite the state seeing a massive uptick in cases. Regardless, the players are in the midst of preparing for the bubble city and just a few days ago, 302 players were tested for the first time.

Over the last couple of days, some information has leaked as to who has tested positive although today, the NBA released a comprehensive report where they revealed how many players have the virus. As it turns out, 16 of the 302 players tested were positive. What makes this outcome scary is that staff members, including coaches, were not a part of these results which means the numbers could be much higher.

The NBA has noted that these players are being forced to quarantine for two weeks before joining their teammates in Orlando. While the NBA has a clear plan in place, there is no telling whether or not the players are going to want to change course, especially since they are walking into a hellish situation in Orlando.

Hopefully, a solution will be in place by July 30th which is when games are supposed to take place.