Prior to last night's pre-season game between the Knicks and Rockets, players from both teams stood side by side with their arms around each other for the singing of our National Anthem as a show of solidarity. 

Carmelo Anthony has been leading the charge against social and racial injustice in our country and is likely one of the minds behind this powerful, organized approach. His influence has had a profound impact on his peers in the NBA, as well as athletes across all sport.

Per Bleacher Report's Lars Anderson, Kyrie Irving said:

"Carmelo taught us all this summer what it means to use your position to influence the world. He taught us that we need to stand up for what we believe in and that athletes need to get involved in the social issues that are affecting us all. I don't think you can overstate the impact that Carmelo's had on athletes in all sports."

Similar demonstrations were seen by the Wizards and the Celtics last, as players locked arms while the Anthem played. This movement seems to be a growing trend in the NBA, as it was previously seen prior to Saturday night's game against the Warriors and Raptors. 

Boston Celtics players also released this video, challenging others to unite.