Nate Dogg's son Naijiel Hale was arrested yesterday along with one of his college football teammates and another Montana State student following a drug sting operation.

Hale, a 21-year old cornerback on Montana State's football team, reportedly set up multiple drug deals with undercover police officers who contacted him about purchasing Xanax pills. 

According to the report, on one occasion Hale gave the pills to his teammate Darren Gardenhire who completed the deal.

Per the report,

"During an interview with investigators, Gardenhire said that his roommate, Hale, was dealing Xanax, but he was not."

"In a second incident in February, Hale arranged another deal for multiple Xanax pills at his home."

"Investigators say that Hale was present at that deal, but did not actually hand the Xanax to the drug task force operative. He had another person deliver the drugs."

A search warrant at Hale and Gardenhire's apartment only turned up a small amount of weed. 

However, cops also raided the apartment of a third student, Christopher Flanagan, who admitted to dealing Xanax in large quantities after they discovered 355 Xanax pills, approximately 19 grams of mushrooms, LSD, a digital scale and $315 in cash at his place.

Hale was charged with two counts of felony distribution of dangerous drugs, which carries a max penalty of life in prison, as well as misdemeanor possession of dangerous drugs. 

Hale's bail was set at $25,000, while bails for Gardenhire and Flanagan were set at $20,000.