Enjoying the success of his chart-topping tenth studio effort Life Is Good, legendary Queens rapper, Nas talked about working with two other legends in the music industry, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse.  In a recent interview, Nasir talked about getting Lauryn Hill on tour with him, and also how he came to collaborate with Amy Winehouse. 

From her appearance on the Fugees The Score, and her own solo album, Lauryn Hill was one of the most influential female emcees in the 90s.  After vibing with her at this year’s Summer Jam, Nas felt the two were a perfect to team together, which is how their “Life Is Good/Black Rag” tour came together.   “I’d asked Lauryn to come out at the Summer Jam as a surprise guest in New York...I just felt like to be on tour with someone as talented as Miss Lauryn Hill,” Nasty Nas adds, “what’s better than that...just felt like the right time and the right two people to do it."

While on tour, Nas has even had a chance to get a sneak peak at Hill’s new music and he says, “I heard some of Black Rage a capella, I haven’t heard the whole thing finished yet...I’m excited and expecting big things.”

One of the singles off Life Is Good, “Cherry Wine” features the late Amy Winehouse.  Before her passing, a lot was made of the relationship between Nas and Winehouse.  The rapper explains how they met, “Me and Amy’s connection, was through producer, mutual friend, Salaam Remi...he plugged us up, he was like ‘ya’ll remind me of each other’...he hooked us up via Skype, via iChat.”

After deciding to film visuals for his single with Amy, Nas was adamant that it be tasteful, and honor her legacy, “she’s a real artist ya know...had to make sure that we represent her right...it’s very important for us that we represent her in the right way.”