It looks like the UK will be blessed with a trio of dates with an ultimate hip-hop line up. The Gods Of Rap II tour will touch down in the UK for three dates including Nas, DMX, The Lox, and Gang Starr. With Just Blaze serving as the host of the evening, London, Birmingham, and Manchester will get the chance to see all of the acts in the flesh.  

Although Guru isn't here with us anymore, DJ Premier's using the power of technology to make their Gang Starr performance as special as possible for their fans.

"I have loads and loads and loads of live performances of pretty much our whole catalogue in different cities and the audio from his voice,” Premier told Music Week. “With technology now, there’s different devices to extract the background music of my turntables and get his voice and footage to move when I make a move on the computer. I could actually have him perform and really be saying the lines and he’ll have different clothes on from the different places that we performed.”

Adding, "I know how to set it up. I don’t want it to be like ‘He’s wearing the same thing for the whole show’ – this is like 15/20 different shows where he would look different based on the song and best performance of his voice. It’s definitely doable. I plan on doing it, I’ve just got to make sure it is flawless. That’s what we’re working on right now. I do it anyway with my band when we do the tribute section, so you would literally see him on a big, giant screen really saying those lines, it’s not just footage of him looking like he’s doing it. I think we could pull it off.” 

It'll also be a monumental moment for DMX who is set to touch down in the UK for his first slew of shows in over 15 years. With the rapper's recent stints in jail and rehab, it looks like DMX is readying himself to have a major year ahead.