There are many out there who consider Nasir Jones to be the greatest rapper to ever grace a mic, particularly in the writing department. Releases like Illmatic, It Was Written, Stillmatic, God's Son, Life Is Good, and more have long cemented his legacy, leaving many hopeful that Nas would return in peak form sooner rather than later. Nasir, while solid, did little to capitalize on the benefits of having a creatively renewed Kanye West at his disposal. Therefore, when talk surfaced about an upcoming effort with Swizz Beatz and RZA on board, many were justifiably excited.

Now, a new image has prompted speculation about a potential creative partner for Mr. Jones, in fellow lyricist Lupe Fiasco. The pair were recently spotted together in studio, as evidenced by a picture shared by Nas' business partner Sky Gellatly. Though the caption indicates a conversation as the main takeaway, one cannot ignore the chosen locale: a recording studio.

Prior to the meeting of the minds, Nas and Lupe both held it down at the City Harvest Gala in New York City, proving that their humanitarian spirits are as powerful as their music might suggest. Hopefully, we can hear more concrete news about Nas' next musical endeavor, especially if it features contributions from Lupe Fiasco, who we last heard on Drogas Wave