Nas & DJ Shadow "Systematic" Video

Watch Nas's new music video for "Systematic."

Nas has always been one of the pioneers of integrating socially and culturally taboo subjects into his rhyme schemes. Whether it's discussing CIA involvement in the 80s crack epidemic to the purpose of mass incarceration. Nas has always been at the forefront of educating, while providing classic lyrics to be recited and debated for decades.

Now many of those lessons come to life with his new animated video for, "Systematic." The song will be featured on the upcoming season of HBO's Silicon Valley. The video's animation directly corresponds with Nas's lyrics. When he raps, "The system will defeat itself/Nothing stays in a steady state, It overheats and melts," images of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and other politicians appear in clown make-up and hats. Definitely the way to start a video, and educate others through a unique channel. This is a must watch, keep them coming Nas.

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