Polo G just received his first official #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 which just cemented him as the new superstar in the game. The young Chicago rapper has earned the respect of fans and peers but "RAPSTAR" is the proof that he's meant to lead a new generation in the rap game.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Image

Unfortunately, things took a turn this morning regarding the song's credits when Murda Beatz's celebrated the success of "RAPSTAR" on social media. Polo G adamantly denied that Murda Beatz helped on the song. "Ok... RAPSTAR That's currently on YouTube was only produced by Einer and Synco not only that YK Damn well ain't no n***a help me write shit so fa Murda and his team to keep posting that shit is lame asl," wrote Polo on Instagram.

As the confusion continued to bubble on social media platforms, Murda Beatz took to his socials to address his involvement on the track. Apparently, Einer and Synco's track was a re-make of what he did a few years back. "PROUD OF THIS SONG WE MADE A COUPLE YEARS AGO AND NOW ITS A GLOBAL HIT," he wrote, adding, "ORIGINAL CREATORS ALWAYS GET CREDITED ON SONGS EVEN IF REMADE. NOTHING BUT LOVE."

Despite the brief back-and-forth between the two artists, Murda Beatz is credited on the song's TIDAL page under his government name, Shane Lindstrom so maybe this whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. 

Check out Murda Beatz response below.