The use of lean in hip hop has been much more evident in that past few years. While the drink was initially popularized in the South, the drink became famous in not only other parts of America but across the globe as well. Some artists have condemned the use of the drug while others continue to use it openly and promote it in their music. Recently, Cali rapper Mozzy announced that he's done sipping lean. 

Mozzy has officially quit sipping lean, as he announced on Instagram recently. The rapper explains in the video that he's trying to keep his health on point. Mozzy thanks everyone that's been sending him support while he's been trying to kick the habit. He also mentions that at the time of recording this video, he already went 12 days without sipping. Mozzy also encourages the younger generation to look after their health more, whether it be cutting the drink out completely or at the very least, staying hydrated while they do it.

"Any young n*gga doing that shit, bruh, you understand me, this should influence you to stop," he said as he poured out a bottle of the cough syrup, "If it don't, on the D, drink a lot of water at the minimum. You hear me?... Fuck that cup. They say health is wealth -- I need mine bad."

He didn't reveal a specific reason for wanting to quit but he recently announced that he has a child on the way so that probably had some sort of influence on his decision.

Watch the video below: