This wasn't a typical Mother's Day for most people. The world's been on lockdown for nearly two months at this point. Most family gatherings, or just gatherings in general, are happening through Zoom or FaceTime. Restaurants are still opened for business, even though it's only delivery and take-out options. Still, that doesn't seem to be helping the social distancing measures in place at a Red Lobster's in East York, Pennsylvania.

A viral video emerged earlier this week of a woman going crazy on a Red Lobster employee over the long wait times. The woman's heard demanding a refund after waiting 3 hours for her food. Though she has every right to ask for a refund, the way she went about it escalated quickly and took a turn for the worse. She cursed out the employees before a Red Lobster worker began to manhandle her out of the restaurant. The employee was met with resistance with the furious customer attempting to get her way back inside. 

“I want my money refunded!” The woman demanded. An employee assured her that she'd get one but she persisted and eventually slapped the employee pushing her out of the door. That's when she got her hair snatched up with a bystander calling for the employee to let go of her.

"We do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants," Red Lobster said in a statement. "We expect our team members treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday."

Check the viral clip below.