If you were a conscious human being in 2007, you are all-too-familiar with Mims' "This Is Why I'm Hot". The song took over radio and trickled out of flip phones in poor quality as it became one of the most popular ringtones of the era. Unfortunately, Mims experienced one of those quick rise and falls that have occurred throughout the history of the music industry. BET's new web series FindingBET explores hip hop's one-hit wonders, allowing the artists to tell their side of the story. 

After having J-Kwon discuss life after "Tipsy" and Chingy discuss life after "Right Thurr", BET enlisted Mims to discuss life after "This Is Why I'm Hot". In the new 20-minute episode, the Washington Heights rapper details his signing and subsequent relationship with Capitol Records around the time he released that hit. While Mims compliments some of the people he dealt with at the label, he also describes a classic instance of a label exerting too much control over their rising artists and ultimately steering them wrong. He remembers being forced into featuring his face on the cover of his debut album next to a building from The Projects. He didn't feel this image suited his identity, but went along with it anyway. 

Watch the video below to hear Mims' piece together the "fastest period of [his] life", during which "everything was a blur."