Miguel announced recently that he'll be releasing a new set of his Art Dealer Chic EPs this summer. Now the r'n'b singer explained the reason he likes to drop free EPs, as he finds it a happy medium, inbetween flooding the blogs with free mixtapes and putting out music for sale. Miguel spoke on this with Power 105's The Breakfast Club, as well, he talked about J. Cole's "Power Trip" video, his single "Adorn" and its many remixes, and the photo of him spanking his girlfriend.

Miguel explained his stance on putting out free music, "I don't see how putting out an album-worth of material is condusive to making people really cherish the fact that it takes time, and effort, and money to really create art, regardless of the medium. At the same time, I have to be realistic with what's going on now, we have the internet, to stay relevant and to be present, you kinda have to give your fans music and I think there is a balance. So it's kinda my way of staying current and keeping my fans abreast of where my mind is at, as a musician." Miguel continued, "I think it's a happy medium, it's like giving them quality music as opposed to quantity, and keeping them in tune."

He then explained the format of his Art Dealer Chic EPs which will arrive this summer. "For me it's like the concept of an EP, three songs over three months, it's actually nine song totals, but I spread it out between three months, and we do three different projects. I shoot a video for each one, that's how I did it last time, I might do more this time. And I have something special being released with each EP this time around as well, so I can't wait to put it out this summer."

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