"Culture 2" may not have been a critical darling like its predecessor, the project was undeniably a phenomenon on a commercial level. Backed by heavyweight singles like "Walk It Talk It" and "Narcos," the anticipated sequel found Migos doubling up on the formula of the first chapter, pretty much literally: there was damn near twice as many songs this time around. Though the unwieldy tracklist led many to mutter "stream trolling" accusations, the ubiquitous trifecta seemed impervious to criticism. The victories were simply too undeniable.

In that sense, perhaps there's credence to the Migos claims of being the "biggest group in the game," though their dismissal of legendary collectives is somewhat dubious. In any case, it would appear that the public at large have yet to tire of Migos-mania, as Culture 2 has hit yet another milestone. Offset took to Instagram to celebrate the project securing double-platinum status, thanking the fans and culture alike for supporting the album.

As it stands, the Meegs have the intention of finishing the trilogy early next year, so keep an eye out for that Culture III album. Are ya'll excited for the third chapter?