Microsoft recently filed a patent that would "allow" them to bring deceased people back from the dead using their “images, voice data, social media posts, electronic messages [and] written letters” to build a new, and what's more active, user profile for the deceased. While the patent could technically be used for a variety of different applications, a voice font could be generated in order to build a chatbot. This would allow users to “talk” to their family members or friends who are dead in a realistic way.

In possibly even more frightening news, a 3D model of a person could even be generated by using things like measurements, depth, and photos. The patent even notes that the profile could correspond to oneself, meaning that there is a possibility for you to train a digital version of yourself before you die. Microsoft’s patent does state that subjects could be either dead or alive, but people were quick to hone in on the former.

More specifically, users referenced the Black Mirror episode titled “Be Right Back”, which follows a woman who orders a lifelike robot of her husband after he suddenly passes away.

Maybe Black Mirror was right all along. Let us know your thoughts about this new Microsoft patent in the comments.