Isaiah Marshall, a seventh grade quarterback at MacArthur Academy in Southfield, Michigan, has already been offered a scholarship to play for the Michigan Wolverines.

According to ESPN, UM's head coach Jim Harbaugh offered the 13-year old QB a scholarship after watching tape while visiting the school searching for high school prospects at Southfield High.

"It was definitely unexpected, especially when you're just looking for feedback on how to get better," said Isaiah's father, Brian Marshall, per ESPN. "That came out of it. Harbaugh called me, because I was on my way over there and he was there early with my brother. They called me on the phone and asked if that was OK and of course I said yes."

ESPN notes that several other college programs have taken note of the 2024 QB, but none have gone so far as to offer him a scholarship.

"It was definitely a surreal moment, like this is for real," Brian Marshall continued. "I was really happy for him and all his teammates, because he's been playing with the same kids since he was 5 or 6 years old. They have some national championships, they finished third in the country last year, and all those kids work hard to allow him to look how he looks.

"He couldn't do it without those guys who bust their butt every day. All his teammates reached out and were excited for him."