The 35th-anniversary screening of Scarface occurred at the Tribeca Film Festival yesterday (April 19), and all of the main actors from the film showed up. Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, and director Brian De Palma were in attendance at The Beacon Theatre and took questions from a panel after the packed house spent three hours watching the classic gangster flick. 

Although most of the questions of the night were focused on Al Pacino's classic rendition of Tony Montana, one question elicited loud "boos" from the audience. Moderator Jesse Kornbluth asked Pfeiffer, “What did you weigh [in the film]?” Pacino, Bauer, and De Palma were stunned and the crowd reacted negatively, finding offense with the question. “I don’t know, but I was playing a cocaine addict, so that was part of the physicality of the part which you have to consider," Pfeiffer answered cooly yet professionally. “I became thinner and thinner and more emaciated. I literally had members of the crew bringing me bagels because they were all worried about me and how thin I was getting. I think I was living on tomato soup and Marlboros.”

Kornbluth also asked if the cast could see a version of the film be remade with a female. Pacino, Bauer, and Pfeiffer all answered "No."