HBO's Leaving Neverland divided fans of Michael Jackson. The allegations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck caused many to either defend or denounce the late-singer. A music video producer that worked with MJ recently explained why he believes Robson and Safechuck initially protected MJ, claiming the late singer was impossible to stop.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images 

Rudi Dolezal first worked with Michael Jackson on the "Dangerous" tour in Munich in 1992 and the two continued to work together on numerous other projects. Speaking to PageSix about Leaving Neverland, Dolezel said that he doesn't think the two accusers in the HBO docuseries are lying. “I believe almost every word. It’s brilliant work," he said. "Nobody would stop Michael,” Dolezal added. “It’s hard to believe an icon is a con.”

Dolezal also spoke on how Joe Jackson used inhumane methods to teach Michael how to have quicker footwork.

“He put the 4-year-old on a hot stovetop barefoot,” Dolezal said. “The way he told it, he was not regretting it. I felt really sorry for Michael.”

Michael previously opened up about being emotionally and physically abused by his father a child, although he did say it played a role in his success. Dolezal further explained that Michael had excessive getting plastic surgery done when he started looking like his dad. 

The surgery on Michael's nose took out so much cartilage that MJ needed a plastic nose that would  “took hours to put on with putty and makeup," according to Dolezal.