Michael Jacobshagen, who is now 35-years old, is accusing Michael Jackson of molesting him during a friendship that spanned across multiple years of his childhood. He claims "the star stripped naked to share a jacuzzi with him, touched him inappropriately while they shared a bed, and gave him a book 'full of photos of naked boys'."

Jacobshagen says he only realized their relationship was tinged with abuse after he became a father: "I’m almost the same age now Michael was when he met me. If I was to share a bed with a child, this would not be right. It is not normal and it’s not right.

“He was always asking me to sleep in his bed. I would say, ‘No Michael, I can sleep in my own suite’, but he was saying ‘Please, please... for Michael Jackson.’”

The alleged victim also recalls Michael Jackson giving him a copy of The Boy: A Photographic Essay, which contained images of naked boys. “I found it strange. He said ‘This is one of my favourite books’ and he wrote personal notes inside," he stated. "In one he called me ‘his special friend’ and his ‘rubba rubba friend’ because of what used to happen in the bed." 

These allegations follow the 2013 publication of Jacobshagen's book, Will You Be My Friend, an account of his interactions with the star. The friendship was positive according to its description: "Now, 16 years later, Michael Jacobshagen lets other fans participate and talks for the first time in detail about his marvelous experiences with Michael Jackson in a profoundly open and personal manner. Among the stories: how they became friends in Munich, played hide and seek, threw water balloons to the fans outside and went on shopping tours." 

Jacobshagen's choice to omit the alleged sexual nature of their relationship is questionable given the fact that he wrote it as an adult after allegations had already been made against Jackson. His lack of awareness of what constitutes abuse is understandable, yet unlikely in this context. One may wonder why these sexual details were not included in his book if they were perceived as normal by the author at the time.

These allegations also come after the premiere of Leaving Neverland, in which two other men claim to have been molested by the King of Pop.