If you ever thought comedian Michael Blackson was one to do the most, then we're here to prove that you are right. The Comedian recently broke things off with his fiancee of four years and has let everyone know that he's moved on since sharing numerous updates of his new "snow bunny."

"I dated a beautiful black woman for 4 yrs that had REAL ass and ya were FAKE to her now I’m fucking a white girl with FAKE ass and ya REAL mad. Let’s be REAL ya modafuckas are FAKE, this fake shit is real out here," Michael captioned an image on Instagram, that sees him holding his most prized possession in his arms. 

Michael continued to post numerous other photos and videos to his Instagram feed, but being as some are NSFW (since they preview some three-some happenings) we can't post them here. The trip with snow bunny was seemingly short-lived though since Michael's last share to his feed detailed how he needs to get back to his usual loving. 

"The snow bunny did something to me and now I need to #GetOut. please tell the pretty girl with the huge forehead that owns fenty she’s my only hope," he wrote, adding:

"I was able to escape thanks to my Chinese Best Friend, I’m currently on American Airlines flight 1228 and soon as I land at LAX I’ll need black women to hug me and give me immediate coochie to get me back to normal. I’ll prefer the RIRI chick or that rich woman that’s in her early thousands I think her name is Winfrey."