The Miami Heat kept things local when they selected Denzel Curry's "Switch It Up" as their intro song, but not just any version of the record, they are the holders of an exclusive remix. "Switch It Up" is inherently a song about paranoia and Denzel Curry's trouble with Bipolarity. The "Miami Heat" version of the record, is stripped of its inherent meaning. Denzel has done so by replacing crucial plot points with allusions to Miami Heat Basketball. Down below I've constructed a markup or lyric sheet if you will; the words in bold are the new adds to the existing song.

That Miami nice, Miami mean, switch it up
That Miami raw, Miami Heat, switch it up
Miami boss, we in the lead, switch it up
I'ma get Buckets by any means, run it up
Uh huh, to be or not to be?
Ham and I'm lit
If it ain't ballin', I don't commit
Y'all throw a fit when you don't got a fit
If you put out a brick
Bet you the shooter ain't gon' make a zip
Swish, it's a Miami player no Moonlight.

Congrats to Denzel for getting that check cut, and kudos to the Heat for keeping things local in 2018-2019.