Last night, rapper Megan Thee Stallion was celebrating the release of her new single "Sex Talk," a track that will be featured on her forthcoming sophomore effort, Fever. The Houston rapper was engaging with fans leading up to the release, retweeting messages and getting everyone hyped about her latest single.

However, today Megan shared some sad news on her Instagram page that her mother, Holly Thomas, passed away. Megan uploaded a photo of herself with her mother when she was just a child, writing, "The best mom in the whole world. The strongest woman on the planet. I can’t even put complete sentences together rn RIP mama."

In her recent interview with Rolling Stone, Megan talked about how her mother influenced her interest in rap. From 2001 to 2007, Thomas was a rapper who went by the name Holly-Wood. She received airplay on local hip hop stations with a single that she dedicated to Houston legend DJ Screw and even attempted to start her own label. "I’ve been writing since I was maybe seven,” Megan told RS. “I was kind of shy about telling people that I could rap for the longest.”

Megan said that when she enrolled in college, she saw guys that were freestyling so she started to do the same. She was apprehensive about telling Thomas about her aspirations to be a rapper, but decided to face her mother head-on. “I went home and told her I could rap, and she was like, ‘No you can’t,’” Megan said. “I’m like, ‘Yes I can.’ I started rapping and she was like ‘Oh my god! No, you not coming out ’til you’re 21!” because her lyrics then were, "like how I rap now, but probably a little bit more ratchet.”

Our condolences to Megan and her family.