Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest names in the game right now. "Big Ole Freak" is popping after reaching the Billboard charts and the Houston rapper is ready for her time in the spotlight. We'll likely be getting a remix of the single soon with Megan teasing that she's already gotten a few verses from her favourite artists. It seems as though everybody has their eyes on her. Meg loves to drop it down low on stage, twerking for her fanbase to go wild about. Yesterday, Gunna became a meme from the way he was ogling her body but a few weeks ago, everybody was curious about the nature of Trey Songz and Megan's relationship. The two were flirting on social media but nothing seems to have come of it. It turns out Megan just isn't giving him the time of day, saying that Trigga Trey can't "handle" her.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

The artist is definitely playing a little hard to get because, in a new interview, she brushed off Trey Songz' thirst by saying that he would never be able to behave by her side. When asked how she felt when she found out about Trey Songz' comments, she responded, "That's cap! He really cappin' like that was really crazy." She goes on to explain that her homegirl sent the tweet through to her and she was surprised to see that it was about her. "First of all, Trey Songz can't handle me," she says. "We was going back and forth, cracking jokes with each other. I really thought it was funny, like, I didn't take no offence to it. Trey Songz don't want no smoke with me."

There's no question about Megan's star power right now. She's confident and knows that she's on top so she's about to capitalize on that.