Meek Mill has been pretty open about his competitive relationship with Kendrick Lamar. The Philly rapper has responded to Kendrick's "Control" verse, and most recently taunted K.Dot on twitter, saying "Aye ima show you who king on this side at powerhouse Friday!"

In a new interview, Meek Mill has revealed that he and Kendrick are on good terms, and his competitive nature is just in the spirit of hip hop. 

"A lot of people, they be takin' it the wrong way," said Meek of his tweet. "Me and Kendrick, we smile and laugh about it. I was just talking about, 'I'ma show you who the king around this area right here [is].'"

The MMG spitter confirmed that his rivalry with Lamar was "no negative stuff, straight Hip Hop," 

Meek then went on to say that while Drake is on top of the game right now, he still feels that certain artists have "king" status in their respective regions or sounds."The hottest person right now I think is Drake, of course," he said. "But everybody king in they own way. Kendrick might say he king lyrically, I might say I'm the king of the street era, raw Hip Hop type. It's different kings in different situations, so it depends on what you're talking about."

Watch the full interview below.