Meek Mill's troubles with the court and Judge Genece Brinkley have became more evident since his sentencing. With the several stories surfacing over the past few weeks about the misconduct during his probation hearing as well as Nicki Minaj's testimony that surfaced yesterday, the way the judge has acted . A few days a go, it was reported that Meek filed to be released from prison and have his probation completely terminated. Today, sources say those documents have gone through and is now awaiting his bail hearing.

Meek has officially been granted a bail hearing for his sentencing appeal case. The rapper is scheduled to be in front of court on November 27th at 9 a.m. at the Center of Criminal  Justice in Philly, the same place where the protests happened a few days a go. However, the twist in this is that Meek's proceeding will happen in front of the same judge that had him locked up in the first place, Judge Genece Brinkley. In addition to this, Billboard reports Meek Mill's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, says Meek is no longer in solitary confinement and is now waiting for his bail hearing. 

Aside from the fact that he's been granted a bail hearing, the alarming factor in this is that he'll have to face the same judge that sentenced him. Since he received the two to four year sentence, Tacopina's been vocal about her bias in the whole case and made it very clear that he wanted her to be removed from the case. He's made several claims of professional misconduct on her end, including the fact that she had asked him to leave Roc Nation to get managed by one of her friends as well as the time she allegedly asked him to cover a Boyz II Men song and give her a shout out to it. These accounts have ultimately led to a reported probe from the FBI that have been in the courtrooms, on the low since April 2016.

Despite Judge Brinkley continuing to preside over the case, there's hope that Meek's sentence and probation will be terminated.