McDonald's has been America's favorite fast food spot for years. Last year, they introduced an International Menu promotion where they added international items to their menu for a limited time. Unfortunately, the "international" options weren't adventurous enough and ultimately, it didn't receive the type of praise they probably got. But that's the thing about McDonald's, you always know what you're getting. But for the foodies with adventurous taste buds, the McDonald's Headquarter menu might be able to satisfy your cravings.

McDonald’s Global Headquarters in Chicago announced that they'll be bringing some international staples to their location which might actually be a solid indication that these items might be added to the national menu. The Global Headquarters is known as “McDonald’s Experience The Future” where people can test out future items. 

Along with Caramel dipped cones from South Korea and sweet potato fries from the Netherlands, they've also tapped into several other menus from across the globe. From Italy, they're bringing through the CBO -- chicken, bacon, and onion -- sandwich. They also are bringing a reiteration of the classic American Egg McMuffin with the Halloumi Muffin from Cyprus. They'll also be bringing the 1955 burger from Germany, France's Manhattan Salad, and Canada's Greek Salad. 

Depending on the success of these new items, hopefully, we could expect to see more international flavors on the domestic McDonald's menu in the future.

[Via Uproxx]