A McDonald's in St Joseph, Missouri has officially opened the doors of the "McDonald's of the Future" which features self-serve kiosks for ordering meals and table service, as well as unlimited french fries. UN. LIMITED.

"Unlimited fries are just the beginning of what's different about [this restaurant]," Chris Habiger, the owner of the Missouri-based restaurant told the St. Joseph News-Press. "We're making a shift from fast food to fast-casual."

The shift that Chris Habiger mentioned is McDonald's attempt to keep up with so called "fast-casual" joints like Chipotle and Panera.

As for the unlimited fries- they come with speciality orders like customized burgers and will only be available for a few months but hey, a few months of unlimited fries is better than zero months of unlimited fries. 

Additionally, these "McDonald's Of The Future" are looking to give consumers a wide variety of options other than their classic Big Mac. For instance, the New York City version asks customers if they want a premium bun, ciabatta roll or a wrap, as well as specialty sauces like Sriracha mayo and creamy garlic sauce.

Naturally, all of these upgrades and a shift towards a more "fast-casual" eatery comes with increased prices as Business Insider notes, their specialty burger cost about $10.